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Garnier Goes Green

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Cosmetic-maker Garnier has been working with German packaging firm Gerresheimer to develop a new type of glass container for the L’Oréal brand. The containers include 40% recycled glass – a first for the cosmetics industry. Garnier claims the new jars will reduce energy use by around 9% and save around 29 tons of carbon dioxide emissions during the production process. Gerresheimer presented the new containers at Luxe Pack New York 2011 at the end of May.

The challenge was to ensure the new jars are as strong and transparent as glass produced from raw materials – something that Gerresheimer achieved by using cleanly segregated and high-quality waste glass.

Along with the recycled glass, the jars are made of quartz sand, soda and limestone. Dolomite, feldspar, potash and metal ions are included to create the brand’s unique colour palette.

Presidents do, Queens don’t

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Ireland has been in the spotlight lately with visits from President Obama and Queen Elizabeth II. Both were offered a refreshing glass of Ireland’s favourite tipple – Guinness! While the Obama’s downed theirs with gusto, the Queen simply looked bemused. But I think Prince Philip looks keen!

Green glass

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

The green glass cut by 20% CO2 emissions, but not sales of bottles of wine. During the London Wine Fair 2011, Gavin Partington communications director of the Wine and Spirits Trade Association, presented a survey addressing the attitudes of buyers of alcoholic beverages in front of the colored bottles. It was conducted in collaboration with Australian Vintage and Sainsbury’s to 1124 consumers. In the case of wine, 95% of consumers do not differentiate between a recycled green glass and clear glass.
When they observed this change, 80% of buyers say they are not influenced in their acquisition. 90% think that even if they were aware of the environmental aspect of green glass containers, they would choose preferentially. 60% of respondents said they would be very sensitive to labeling bottles, green glass as being more environmentally friendly. Read the study :

Play football on a glass pitch

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Love table football?

Feast your eyes on this little monster: a table-footy set that’s made entirely of glass and steal. We like!

From Italian designers Teckell, the Total Krystal football table has aluminium players and a ‘diamond-like’ transparency.

Say our Italian Friends of Glass:


Recreating the whole experience of an exciting game with a few friends in a favourite pub was never easier. The ball whirls in the pitch and deadly shots can be far quicker than your eye. It is a hand-made delight for all fans of design and excellent craftsmanship. Enjoy!


Up for a game?

Let’s make Britain Bloom with beautiful glass creations!

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Britain in Bloom campaign judges will definitely witness something very special this year with Perth city taking a unique approach to the competition by using recycled glass as a part of its main city centre’s display.

Britain in Bloom is one of the largest horticultural campaigns in Europe with the year round aim of creating a more beautiful Britain. RHS Britain in Bloom encourages cities, towns and villages to make the UK a more beautiful place to live through imaginative planting, cleanliness, sustainability and community efforts.

Friends of Glass UK think that Perth city is a true winner this year as their ambition to highlight to the judges and the rest of Britain the different aspects of the campaign, especially the important role of environmental responsibility, is highly commendable.


“The attractive eye-catching display in a key city centre location will be laid out in a mixture of coloured recycled glass, highlighting to a wide audience the importance of recycling, and how glass can be reused and recycled into new bottles time and time again.”


What a glass-inspired garden could look like...

Jim Powell, recycling consultant to O-I, added: “Perth residents have always been great supporters of glass recycling and this stunning flowerbed shows how attractive glass can be.

Glass remains the most sustainable packaging material because it can be recycled endlessly into new containers with no loss of quality.

O-I is keen to increase even further the percentage of recycled glass we use in every bottle made in Scotland and, to do that, we need your support to recycle even more of the glass bottles and jars you use in Perth and Kinross.”

We truly

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can’t wait to see the result of this project and hope that this story will inspire the rest of the Britain to create something beautiful from glass.

Pizza in a glass jar

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

… well, almost.

Our Glass Friends in Spain tell us that Heinz will be bringing it’s Orlando brand of Pan Pizza tomato spread to the country soon.

And get this: it’s packaged in a glass jar. Hooray for Heinz! Again.

You can smear the spread on your bread with other toppings such as ham, cheese, olives or tuna, and then whack it in the oven for two minutes.

The sauce is packed with tomatoes, finely chopped vegetables, and herbs, is low calorie, with some 61kcal per 100g. And all packaged perfectly in glass.


Hooray for Heinz: tommy sauce is back in glass!

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Here’s good news for fans of the red stuff: Heinz has recently announced that it will package it’s much-loved tomato sauce in limited edition, vintage design glass bottle (pictured).

Although this move is for the US market only, let’s hope that it travels to Europe fast.


Heinz has given a nod to the past and announced that it will package its ketchup in classic glass bottles in the US.

The limited edition glass bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup features a vintage-inspired design to “bring some nostalgia to the summer barbecue season”.


Nostalgia? Yes!

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But good for you, your family and the environment? Absolutely! And that’s just the glass talking.

Heinz first introduced their tommy sauce back in 1876. It was bottled in clear glass so that it could show consumers it’s purity.

Via: Packaging News

Green-conscious European consumers prefer glass says survey

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Three quarters of all European consumers prefer glass as the packaging material for their food and drinks, according to a recent survey by the independent research consultancy InSites.

And for good reasons, too. Consumers believe that packaging preserves the taste of its contents; it is considered healthy and safe; and is environmentally friendly.


The survey’s findings are consistent with the current expanding consumer trend of wanting to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Recent developments, such as an increase in glass recycling and a recommendation from the European Commission for parents to use glass baby bottles as one of the healthiest options on the market, strengthen today’s trends of living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, responsible consumption and a resource efficient Europe.


The study polled around 9,000 consumers in 17 countries across Europe about their perception of packaging materials.

The complete survey is available here. Or take a listen to the press conference (MP3 file) announcing the results.


Glass in your garden: how-to décor tips

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Here’s a quick, creative and chic way to lighten-up your garden parties this summer.

Recycle a few glass jars into an lovely outdoor chandelier. Not only is it a cinch to put together, it will give your outdoor celebration an extra touch of class.

Thanks to our friends over at CasaSugar for the tip. Full instructions after the jump.

You’ll need:


Raise your glass!

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Friends of Glass in Spain recently participated in the 3rd World Congress on Climate Change and Wine, which discussed the future of the wine sector in the current climate change.

We’ve long been fans of glass wine bottles – not only because it’s classy, but also because it’s good for the environment.

Each ton of recycled glass saves 1,200kgs of raw materials, 130kg of fossil fuels and aroung 100kgs of greenhouse gas emission. All in a day’s work for the friendly glass bottle.

Here’s a video montage of the event, also attended by former secretary general of the United Nations (and Nobel Peace Prize winner), Kofi Annan.

P.S. If you live in Spain, let’s be friends!