A solution for the Great Pacific Plastic Garbage patch?

44 million kilograms of plastic waste is floating in the Pacific Ocean. It’s the Great Pacific Plastic Garbage Patch – sometimes referred to as the ‘Eighth Continent’. It is twice the size of Texas, and over 1,000 times bigger than Hong Kong, or nearly four times as large as Japan.

To think about what it’s doing to our marine life is devastating.

But a team of Dutch scientists plan to take the waste and transform it into a ‘Recycled Island’. Solar and wave energy will be used to sustain the island and its 500,000 inhabitants.

“The proposal has three main aims: cleansing our oceans from a gigantic amount of plastic waste, creating new land and constructing a sustainable habitat. Recycled Island seeks the possibilities to recycle plastic waste on the spot and to recycle it into a floating entity,” said a spokesman of the project.

Recycled Island

The plastic debris could be recycled into hollow, floating blocks, which could act as the foundation of the 10,000 square kilometre island. The island will be designed as self-sufficient, providing work and food for the inhabitants.

'Plastic Paradise'

Take a look at Recycled Island website for more  CGI images of what it could look like.

Via The Daily Mail Online.

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  1. Nick Reeves Says:

    I see that Powder Impression Moudling was recently given a US Patent. The big advantage of PIM is that it can take all types of plastic so it is free from the disadvantage of conventional recycling which requires the waste to sorted by the different types of plastic. With PIM, just throw it all in, all plastic waste can be recycled and that should go long way towards ending the tragedy of our oceans being polluted with this dreadful menace.

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