Dreamtime to Daytime

With the millions of people using alarm clock every day, whom among us hasn’t been startled into consciousness by a strident, insistent beeping? And in those moments, don’t we all think there must be a better way?

First formally invented by Plato (427-347 BC), the ancient Greek philosopher, man-made wake-up calls have gone through various cycles of transformation in the history of our time on earth. When days were all about hunting and gathering, the dawn songs of the crowing cock or the tweeting bird were enough to get us out from under our fur blankets, but once we moved away from the sounds of nature, we had to come up with more ingenious and often more stressful methods to rouse us from our slumber.

From the klepsydra, the water-based contraption that Plato constructed, to the modern-day Clocky which rolls off the table and looks for a place to hide at the touch of the snooze button, most of our alert systems have revolved around rather painful ways of getting us into the day (read more).

But what if we tackled the problem from a different angle?

For Vera Wiedermann, whose DesignStudio focuses on current needs of society to develop solution-oriented objects that enrich our quality of life, ‘intercreativity and the product life circle become more important every day. By using one’́s knowledge for the development of new products, the designer upholds responsibility towards society and nature’.

Well, the torturous beeping certainly gave Ms. Wiedermann pause for thought, and it is her thought that now gives us the Dreamtime Clock. As with Plato’s klepsydra, the Dreamtime Clock is water-based, although that’s where all comparison ends.

Here, soft-coloured glass spheres are suspended from a single cord in an ethereal, eye-catching design, water is poured into one of the glass bowls, droplets silently fall from one bowl to another and the spheres rise or lower according to the weight of the water. Eventually one bowl rises to release a small, brass hammer that taps softly on the glass, releasing a soft, delicate chiming.

Gone are the days of waking up stressed and irritated. By using glass and other natural substances to create the gentler sounds, we can start our days on a much happier note.

Dreamtime – alarm clock from Vera Wiedermann on Vimeo.

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  1. randy ubriaco Says:

    i’m interested in glass recycling in western NY. From the bottles collected via “blue box” and beyond, can u help ???


    Hello Randy, thanks for the interest! As our organisation has a mainly European focus, we’re currently inquiring your question, in order to inform you the best way we can. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


    Hi Randy, we advise you to contact the Glass Packaging Institute over at http://www.gpi.org. They will be able to help you on US-related glass recycling matters!

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