Happy Halloween!

The nights are growing longer and the leaves are turning colour which can only mean one thing – Halloween is almost here!  Did you know that “trick-or-treating” actually evolved from an ancient Celtic tradition? The villagers would put out treats and food to placate the spirits who would roam the streets at Samhain, a sacred festival that marked the end of the Celtic calendar year.

The following list is filled with some fun tips you can use to placate any spirits wandering your own neighbourhood this Halloween…


1.    “Bloody” Cocktails



This drink recipe posted by Krissy Hrinik on Pinterest can be made for adults or children. Just pour your favourite lemon-lime soda (add vodka to make the adult-friendly) into a glass jar and fill a fake syringe with grenadine. Guests can then make their drink as ‘bloody’ as they can handle.


2.    Spooky Ghost Lights


For this DIY craft from Lovethispic.com, all you need is a glass jar, a glow stick and some glitter. Cut open your glow stik and pour the contents into a glass jar and then add your glitter. Place the lid back on the jar, securing it tightly, and shake. In seconds you have eerie lights to help guide guests to your doors.


3.    Pumpkin Cauldron


Use a pumpkin for something other than jack-o-lanterns with this Martha Stewart original idea! Empty out a pumpkin and remove the top. Fit a glass bowl inside the hollowed out pumpkin to make sure your pumpkin doesn’t get a soggy bottom, fill with ice and drinks and – voila! Instant Halloween-themed drinks cooler.


4.    Jack-o-Lantern Cake Pops


These candy-coated cake pops are no trick and all treat. Follow this fun and easy recipe from Tablespoon and use glass bottles to show off your spook-tacular baking skills.


 5.    Ghosts in a Jar



Here’s your chance to have your very own pet ghost! Check out this blog by Mason Jar Love that gives you a step-by-step tutorial to conjuring up a boo-tiful home for little spooks.


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  1. Joanna Says:

    I am loving the sweets in the glasses idea. For a more upmarket version try out some gorgeous crystal glasses and see if all the adults can get involved too! Of course the bloody Mary’s will taste better in crystal as well!

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