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How to make your own frosted glass

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Remember the elegantly frosted glass bottles that emerged way back at the very beginnings of this blog… Well whether you do or not, we’ve found this magnificent post from – telling you how to make them yourself.

Inspired by some frankly lovely etched glass wine bottles she swooned over at her favorite shop, she went about creating some other examples of her own. It must be said that there was a practical purpose at hand, as she “needed to transform the glass bath cabinet doors from a clear to opaque surface.” But like the greatest creative minds, why stop on a project that offers so much potential…

So armed with her can of Rustoleum’s ‘Frosted Glass’ spray paint, experiments were undertaken, and how! I could spend another 5,000 words describing the results generated, but probably the best thing would be to take a look yourself. From matching ‘his and hers’ water carafers to ‘wake up’ coffee jar and more – have a look over here.