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Time for a Hot Toddy

Friday, December 30th, 2011

On a cold winters day there can be nothing more comforting than having your hands wrapped around a glass containing a hot toddy! And nothing clears up a head cold quicker than a hot toddy made with rum.

For those that have never come across the term hot toddy – we mean any warm drink made with alcohol and fruit and served in glass. German Glühwein is an example, though hot toddys are usually made with something stronger than wine.

Jassy Davis, a true Friend of Glass and owner of the Gin and Crumpets blog, has some great recipes you can try over the holidays using leftover spirits. Our personal favourite is the gin and lemongrass hot toddy pictured here, but Jassy has lots of alternative suggestions. Why not share some of your creations over at our Facebook page or at the Friends of Glass website.