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Most original and creative packaging is… Iskilde Water!

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

iskilde1So the votes are in, counted, double checked and tallied – and it is with great pleasure that I can announce that over 1,000 voters across Europe have rated Iskilde Water as the most original and creative glass packaging… Congratulations!

So with Friends of Glass trophy on its way to the Danish champions, we’ll reflect on the premier water brand who have triumphed with the cool, clear look of their packaging. Evoking all of the taste sensation of a premier water – it’s interesting to note that the water is sourced from an “unusually cold” long-secret Danish spring (dating from the last Ice Age) discovered in the highlands.

Water specialists Aqua Amore comment further on the physical benefits of the packaging “Iskilde’s long, narrow neck minimises the water’s exposure to the air over the bottle, ensuring that all the effort spent in getting the taste right is retained whilst you enjoy your meal”.

But, although the Iskilde packaging has been voted as the most original and creative out there – still remember to recycle… you can always get another bottle!